About Us

About Sunrise Institute

Welcome to Sunrise Institute! our primary philosophy and purpose, (now called mission statement) has been to provide the finest quality instructor-led training and on-demand customized support and development services for most of the desktop productivity tools and IT Professionals.

Our employees and instructors are committed to this company precept and to putting you, the customer, first. That is why over 500 customers continue to rely on us for their training, support and development needs.In this world of fast-paced, and ever-changing productivity tools, we’re proud to be at the forefront in desktop technology environment. We take pride, as well, in the skill level and dedication of all of our employees. Serving you and your business is what we’re in business about, both now and in the years ahead.

The Philosophy of Sunrise Institute is always to “Develop outstanding professionals to meet the challenges of IT industry.” We offers a portfolio of training programs in PC support, Networking & Database Administration & Software technologies that are administered by its experienced faculty.
Our strength is the ability to provide customized program depending on the requirements of the organization with in the specified time limit without compromising on the quality.

We relies the importance and the value of every man hour of IT Professional, so the programs are designed by our great people with more than 5 years real work experience to deliver the desired technologies to the absolute satisfaction of the participants & the organization.

To import quality education these organization are skillfully through by a team of trainers who are certified by CISCO, MICROSOFT, REDHAT, ORACLE & IBM to train on their products and Technology.

Core Value

  • Students & IT Professional is our primary target for improving knowledge of IT ultimate purpose of all our economic activities. Their Satisfaction and dignity is supreme.
  • Build and organization were business ethics, commitment, integrity, fair play, hard work, urge to excel and service to society and nation.


  • Minimum utilization of time and money
  • Our students satisfaction through fulfillment of needs.
  • Thrive on excellence through quality education.
  • To provide a comprehensive information of IT and reliable education to the nation.
  • We want to do that things which other institute cannot do.
  • We want love, familiar relationship with our student by our education & our services.