Cinema 4D Beginner & Advanced

I. Who should enroll?
Cinema 4D curriculum is designed for creativity in Multimedia students, IT students, and TV Channel
in upper secondary schools, and colleges or universities ,to facilitate his work and who want to pursue
careers in Motion Graphics for TV Channel and TV Commercials.

II. Outcome
We have created a unique methodology and a base that will allow to study broadcast systematically
from simple to complex and Upon completion of the Motion Graphics for TV Channel and TV
Commercials, students will be able to perform the following tasks:
● Demonstrate the ability to produce motion graphic projects using industry standard software,
techniques and workflows.
● Can Make 3d Logo Animation, Bumper Animation, indent Animation,3d stage Football..
● Can modeling 3d object ,rendering….
● Work at television channel
● Video Editing
● Produce motion graphics intended for TV Channel and TV Commercials

● Demonstrate an individual, creative Promo or TV Channel and TV Commercials
● Define, identify and illustrate design concepts and
terminology as a foundation for motion graphics TV Channel and TV Commercials

Video&Graphic Academy
Sunrise Institute
Online, Physical
Start Date
2023/01/23, 2023/01/28
70hrs (2pm - 5pm and Mon-Fri 6pm-8pm)