HCIA 2 R&S: Huawei Medium Networking

I. Who should enroll? 

The HCIA2 course focuses on providing a naturally progressive path of learning towards developing expertise in the implementation and maintenance of Huawei enterprise networks. This step-by-step training establishes a firm foundational knowledge of data communications, and establishment of fundamental networks, with gradual implementation of Switching, Routing, WAN, Security technologies and services to establish industry relevant enterprise networks. The modularity of the course allows for selective reading to accommodate for each stage of personal development.

II. Outcome

Students who complete Introduction to Networks will be able to perform the following functions: 

  • Establish Switched Network
  • Configure Spanning Tree Protocol
  • Explain the concept of routing
  • Configure routing protocol
  • Configure DHCP
  • Understand how to connect with FTP
  • Understand how to remote network
  • Understand about link aggregation
  • Configure VLAN

Huawei Academy
Sunrise Institute
Online, Physical
Start Date
2023/01/23, 2023/01/28
70hrs (Weekend 2pm - 5pm or 8am-12pm and Mon-Fri 6pm-8pm)