CCNA Cyber Security Essential

I. Who should enroll?
The Cybersecurity Essentials 1.0 course is designed for students who are interested in pursuing more advanced studies in the field of cybersecurity. This foundational course provides an overview of the cybersecurity field. The curriculum explores the characteristics of and tactics used by cyber criminals. It then delves into the technologies, products, and procedures cybersecurity professionals use to combat cybercrime. The curriculum is appropriate for students at many education levels and types of institutions, including high schools, universities, colleges, career and technical schools, and community centers.

II. Outcome
Upon completion of the Cybersecurity Essentials 1.0 course, students will be able to perform the following tasks:
● Describe the characteristics of criminals and professionals in the cybersecurity realm.
● Describe the principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability as they relate to data states and cybersecurity countermeasures.
● Describe the tactics, techniques and procedures used by cyber criminals.
● Describe how technologies, products and procedures are used to protect confidentiality.
● Describe how technologies, products and procedures are used to ensure integrity.
● Describe how technologies, products, and procedures provide high availability.
● Explain how cybersecurity professionals use technologies, processes and procedures to defend all components of the network.
● Explain the purpose of laws related to cybersecurity.

Cisco Academy
Sunrise Institute
Online, Physical
Start Date
2023/01/23, 2023/01/28
50hrs (Mon-Fri 6pm-8pm), 50hrs (Weekend 8am - 12pm)