Business Intellignce (PowerBI)


After completion of this course, the trainees will be equipped with technical skills in designing interactive and beautiful reports and dashboard using Power BI. To achieve that, the trainees will go through various stages of training materials ranging from data mining from excel or other type of data sources beside excel, automation of data cleaning processes using power queries tools, automation of data transformation and best practical techniques, turning data into smart and interactive visualization, automation of data refresh and schedule using Power BI gateway, triggering message alert using Power Automate, using row level security tools to protect data privacy and hierarchy of information visibility as well as various other tools that allow trainees to efficiently clean data, transform data, visualizing the data, sharing the report and dashboard efficiently and effective via robotic processing automation and artificial intelligence features available on Power Query and Power BI.

Curriculum Objectives

Course Duration

25-30 hours

Class Size

Unlimited number of trainees per classes (recommend 13-25 per in class)

Class Mode:

The classes will be conducted in hybrid mode with the use of technology such as Ms. Team, Google Meet or Zoom where trainees can either join in classes or via online.

Course outline

Lecture materials :

  • Online multiple-choice knowledge checks
  • Lab exercises
  • Digital training (optional)
  • Video introductions
  • Video demos
  • Example solutions
Data Science Academy
Sunrise Institute
Start Date
45hrs (Mon-Fri 6pm-8pm and Weekend2pm-5pm)